Better Solutions From Better Discussions

Let’s begin by framing the conversation:

  • Is KCI an unusually convenient and popular airport for both business and casual travelers? Most of the time, yes.
  • Is KCI currently attracting new non-stop service to both domestic and international destinations? Yes.
  • Is KCI currently operating at a profit, allowing it to remain an attractive lower cost facility for its airline tenants? Yes.
  • Does KCI need significant updates and improvements? Yes.
  • Are we close to agreeing on the best way to accomplish the latter without screwing up all of the former? Not hardly.

Thus, the conversation continues.

This website was born in 2013 out of a sense of frustration. The proposals being presented in the media begged more questions than they answered and those questions were not being asked. Instead “sides” formed. But these were not sides of a debate. One side was trying to spin, sell and railroad a bad proposal while the other side simply said, “Here we go again and there is nothing we can do about it.”

In this case, Government “of” the people seemed to be more like government “to” the people.

While the primary objective is to have an honest and open discussion leading to the best proposal for the future of KCI, a secondary objective is to plant a seed that will hopefully grow into a better sense of partnership between elected officials and the people they represent. Since this site launched, the approval process was paused and the mayor appointed a task force to assess. Ultimately, the original ill-conceived proposal was put on hold. The Aviation Director took early retirement. KCI has continued to grow and add direct flights to domestic and international destinations, even after being told the airlines would not.

There is a win-win solution out there. But it will take a lot of work and HONEST conversation to find it.

RULES: This discussion is open to all interested parties and opinions.  Comments posted will be moderated and deleted only for uncivil language and for personal attacks. If you can’t play nice, you can’t play in the sandbox.

Thanks for caring and for being involved.

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