This site was started because I was concerned that a 1.2 billion dollar airport proposal was being rammed through without input from the users and citizen stakeholders of Kansas City. Additionally, what I had seen of the proposal in the media struck me as ill-advised, misguided and a poor use of funds regardless of where they came from and especially if local wallets were involved.

What I heard and saw of the official city action last week seems to support this concern. Thus, this site exists to promote the conversation that otherwise does not seem to have a platform.

I am also grateful for the tone of the conversation.  With 155 comments already, only one has needed any moderation and that was minor.

I especially appreciate the participation of “Brian”. He is one of the very few proponents of the proposal here so his perspective is valuable to an honest discussion. And with nearly 40 comments posted in just the last few days, if he’s not already on Global Prairie’s payroll, he should be.

Again, thanks to all for participating and for caring about our great city. I hope that together, we can come up with a proposal for the future of KCI that makes better sense for everyone.

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