Are you a Baltimore company that employs frequent business travelers? Would you like to improve both company profits and the morale of your travelers? Move to Kansas City!! Besides significantly lower home prices and excellent schools, you will save thousands on your annual business travel.

KCI lines

A KCI security line next to a parking entrance that could make a Maryland Blue Crab blush.

Imagine no longer having to spend 90 minutes per trip just getting to the airport and going through security. Imagine being able to leave your office less than an hour before your flight with little concern about being at the gate in time, effectively saving $150 per business trip.

Welcome to Kansas City and the best business airport in America.

I enjoyed my recent trip to Baltimore very much, but when it took over an hour from the time I landed to when I was motoring away in my rental car, I knew that KC had something for you. When the line snaking out of your security screening area went down an adjacent hallway and it took nearly an hour get to my gate on a Sunday morning, I knew that the ease of KCI’s trademark 6-10 minute curb to gate service was something you might like.

And since we’ll give away the farm just to attract businesses from the Kansas side of our metro, imagine what we’ll do for you!!

Please contact Alicia Stephens at the Platte Country EDC, Greg Martinette at the Clay County EDA, or Pete Fullerton at the Kansas City EDC. The sooner you call, the sooner you can start improving your business and quality of life.

Strike a deal before Labor Day and I’ll see if I can get the Mayor’s office to toss in a few slabs of ribs.





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