I admit it. I screwed up. I assumed when Aviation Dept officials and others said or implied that there were no dining options past Southwest security, that they were telling the truth. After all, why would you say something that is so easily proven false? Moreover, of the hundreds of comments I’ve received, none have pointed out that this “fact” was wrong. So this post is for those following the KCI terminal drama who don’t frequent the Southwest gate area and assumed with me that it was void of dining options.

I’ve pointed out on multiple occasions that the sit-down restaurant in the Delta area is very nice, fast and… empty. And there are expanded kiosks there and in Terminal C areas, similar to the large kiosks you find in Atlanta and other major airports. I had not had a chance though to explore the “infamous” Southwest gate area until last week.

I was stunned and frankly unprepared to take the photos and notes necessary but here is a quick glance. After spending all of 90-seconds to get through security, this is just a sample of what I saw as I walked to my gate.



It’s a common PR practice to state something, hope it goes unchallenged and then it becomes “fact.” Here’s a real fact. There are multiple dining options in the Southwest gate area. In fact, the ratio of options to gates is high. According to travelers that I chatted with and staffers, they are popular but not overcrowded. The handful of folks I talked with who connect through KCI told me they were satisfied with the selection and love how close they are to the gates. Moreover, the staff members I chatted with said they don’t hear complaints about there not being more choices. ¬†Yes, there is even room for yoga.

I apologize to readers that it took this long to correct the narrative.


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