Thank you for sending me a note last night. You asked for my thoughts but alas… the email address you provided me is, for some strange reason, not working and my response was returned. That or you lied about your email address. Of course, I would hate to make that assumption. After all, how could “” NOT be your email address, Bob?!? I also noticed today that you posted a comment similar to your note to me, anonymously on Tony’s Kansas City. So since you seem really anxious for an answer, but are struggling to find an efficient way to get it, I shall endeavor to provide one here.

For the sake of readers playing at home, allow me to share the contents of your query here:


I noticed you took a swipe at the Star for occupying a “tax-abated” building.  I also noticed that your business, Skopós, is located in a tax-abated building (Briarcliff TIF).  Pot? Kettle? Black?

You thoughts please, (since you have all the answers)?


Bob (can I call you Bob?) the only things in your kettle addressing pot are apples and oranges.

I’m assuming your are referencing my post from 12/31 wherein I write:

The city’s main PR tool, the tax-abated Kansas City Star, seems to be attempting to pivot the conversation by portraying “the business community” as the new lead cheerleader for a single-terminal.

If so, guilty as charged and yes, it is true that my firm is located in Briarcliff – avec un TIF. So let’s play with our apples and oranges.

The Star owns their building and directly receives financial benefits from a TIF that is approved by the city. There have been several pundits speculating that such a conflict of interest might influence the Star’s coverage. I rent. I do not own anything at Briarcliff other than some well-worn office furniture, some supplies and the computer on which I am writing this post – none of which are a part of a TIF. I receive zero financial or other benefit from the Briarcliff TIF and in fact, it costs me money as I have to file an extra return to the city twice a year as part of Briarcliff’s TIF requirement. That said, I still love being here in Briarcliff and am glad that I moved our business here from the burbs in 2006 (without incentives).

I hope this answers your question, Bob. Were you to actually read my blog you would see that I rarely if ever claim to “have all the answers.” My mission is simply to ask the questions the Star and others have not been asking.

Thanks again for your note and uh… don’t forget to get that email fixed!





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