Here is an excerpt from an excellent piece in the Star from last year.

Having worked in the airline industry for 10 years, I have experienced more airports in this country than I would care to admit. What we currently have at KCI is exceptional. It is quite a unique experience compared with any of the others, new or old, around the country.

And it is superior in so many ways. JD Power consistently ranks it as one of the top five airports in the country. A $258 million Terminal Improvement Project was completed in November 2004 bringing KCI up to date. Some additional modifications just might take care of the minor upgrades on the wish list and would make a new $1 billion to $2 billion terminal unnecessary.

When I asked, McBride said that there weren’t any organized groups lobbying for or against a new terminal. But you can bet that if a new terminal is planned and I haven’t seen compelling reasons from that study, I will be out there with my “save this airport” sign.

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