Friends Of KCI Launches New Revised Petition Drive (Updated 5/17)

Y ou may recall, this is the group that started the petition drive in April to overturn the Council vote to amend the KCI master plan. It was ruled invalid by the city attorney due to the fact that the Council action was a “resolution” and not an “ordinance.” (Original story here) This new petition addresses an ordinance.

The goal of the petition is to assure that regardless of the final proposal regarding KCI and the subsequent need to finance it, that the voters are guaranteed a vote.

Kansas City, Missouri
Friday May 16, 2013
FRIENDS OF KCI announced today they will begin this weekend to circulate a “Initiative Petition”. This petition requests that Chapter 6, Article II, code of Ordinances of the City of Kansas City, Missouri be amended to enact a new section 6-50, to prohibit any and all City officers, agents and employees from implementing, advancing, furthering or fostering any plan to demolish or replace any passenger terminal at any city – controlled airport or to construct any new terminal at any such airport except by ordinance submitted to and approved by the voters and passed by the City Council or submitted to a vote of the electors of Kansas City, Missouri.
We do not need to spend $1.5 Billion on a new airport. We believe there are better options.

FRIENDS OF KCI and their supporters will be out in several locations throughout Kansas City, Missouri soliciting signatures this weekend and several weekends that follow.
In order to sign you must be: A registered voter in Kansas City, Missouri

For additional information contact: John Murphy
Friends of KCI

Murphy is quoted in the Kansas City Business Journal today:

Murphy said he wants to ensure that voters do not get “streetcar-ed,” or pulled into a public building project without citywide approval.

UPDATE 5/17 From the Friends of KCI Facebook Page:

We will have volunteers out this weekend at the Cosentinos and/or Price Chopper in Brookside collecting signatures if you would like to sign. If you would like to help and take a shift collecting signatures even better! To sign you must be a registered voter in Kansas City, MO. If you want to volunteer it doesn’t matter where you live, your help is needed and appreciated. To volunteer for this weekend or any other shift please contact and our volunteer coordinator will get back with you.

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