I flew home last night from a trip to Chicago <insert Chicago airport jokes here>. As usual, the KCI portion was a wonderful experience. On Thursday it took 11 minutes from being dropped off until I was through security and sitting at the gate. Last night it took less than 5 minutes to deplane, collect my gate-checked bag (4 minutes of the 5) and be in the car on my way home.

ChicagoMeanwhile, in Chicago, we were dumped on the tarmac to await our bags, fortunately between rain showers. But hey, it’s only Chicago and not like a major market or a hub or anything.

If one is a business traveler, time and convenience are more than talking points. Time is in fact, money.

So I was amused to see that while I was out, the Star took another shot at selling the single-terminal idea and took a small shot at those opposed to the idea as presented.

It’s unnecessary now to dissect the editorial as others have already done so here and in the comments area of the editorial itself here. I encourage you to read them both for multiple opinions.

However, a couple of items should be pointed out. It’s said that if you repeat something, even a lie often enough, people will come to believe it. The Star again is trying to portray those opposed to the proposed design as not even wanting to engage in discussion. Again, I need to point out that this opposition was started from the lack of discussion to this point and exists to promote discussion and better solutions.

The other item has to do with accuracy. Here is the picture that the Star ran with the caption:  “Security lines can be extra-long at some KCI gates.”

Photo Credit: Kansas City Star/Jill Toyoshiba

Photo Credit: Kansas City Star/Jill Toyoshiba

However, the photo above is NOT a security line but rather a ticketing line at Southwest. Here is a photo of an actual security line.  It was my line for my flight out on Thursday.

KCI lines

Before we can have an honest discussion, all parties must first agree to be honest.




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