While some city leaders are telling us that we need a new terminal to attract visitors and conventions, other city leaders are using the existing terminal arrangement to, you guessed it, attract visitors and conventions.

The Kansas City Convention and Visitors Association showcases the most recent J.D. Powers and Associates Airport Satisfaction Study wherein KCI was rated #1 in overall airport satisfaction in the medium size market category. Of course, those of us who actually use the airport already felt this way. Now our feelings have been validated nationally.

According to J.D. Power and Associates, KCI performs particularly well in three of the six factors: airport accessibility,check-in/baggage check and security check.

“The drive-to-gate design of the terminals and then, of course, the friendly Midwest employees are always what we hear about,” said Joe McBride, Manager of Marketing and Communications for the Kansas City Aviation Department. “While the design and people are always important, KCI has air service to most every major market in the United States, so access to and from Kansas City via air is very good.”

The article continues:

Because Kansas City is not a hub for any airline, no single airline has a monopoly over fares in and out of the city. As a result, Kansas City enjoys one of the lowest cost air travel markets in the country.

Think about it…

  • airport accessibility
  • check-in/baggage check
  • security check
  • lower airfares than other cities

Isn’t that 90% of what one designs an airport for?  So if we are already the best, why spend hundreds of millions that we don’t have, knowing that we will likely lose everything that currently makes KCI #1?

Why do we want to trade our terminal system for one like Atlanta?


photo credit: ABC News/Chris Rank/Bloomberg via Getty Images


Who is really behind this proposal and what is the REAL agenda?

(Update: The KCCVA article noted above was taken down from the KCCVA website shortly after this post appeared.)

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