The Mayor posted a column on his blog yesterday worth reading in its entirety (here).

If we are serious about making our City better; on our way to being the best, we are going to have to get comfortable with the concept of change.  We can’t possibly be the best unless we are at least willing to consider changing systems, strategies or policies that hold us back.  Sure, things are working well enough, but if we want to be the best we can never settle for “good enough.”

The last sentence above frankly is a mantra that we recite daily at our firm. The words “good enough” are not allowed. Period.

Similarly, KCI is now over 40-years-old . It is perhaps the most convenient airport around but convenience can’t be the only factor considered in a billion dollar issue. There are serious and significant issues with how the airport functions, in terms of profitability, efficiency, utilization, airline usage and safety.  The practical business, development and financial aspects of operating a safe and efficient major metropolitan airport must be considered in the overall discussion of major systems in this City.  Again, it’s time we had an adult discussion about the facts and make a reasoned decision.

Again, I agree. That said, I think that to accept the current single-terminal proposal for KCI would be to settle for “good enough.”

Kansas City can do better. This is the city that when I was a kid, while other cities were building large multi-purpose stadiums, built the Truman Sports Complex. Those other stadiums have been replaced. The updated Truman Sports Complex stands as a testimonial to Kansas City ingenuity and to not settling for “good enough.”

KCI is another example. 40-years after opening, passengers still rave about the foresight in design and efficiency, even with the unforeseen effects brought by 9/11 and airline consolidation. Their passion is on display in the nearly 200 comments posted here in the last two weeks, most by people who likely (like me) don’t normally take the time to insert themselves into the public debate.

Please, let’s take a collective deep breath, press the pause button on this proposal and let’s get it right.

Yes Mr. Mayor, let’s not settle for “good enough.”


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