With the Powerball jackpot now projected to be over a billion dollars, we finally have a way to pay for our new terminal! If fact, if the Aviation Department buys a ticket and it wins, I pledge to be there politely applauding at the ribbon cutting. I’ll even offer to hold the ribbon. Hopefully, the jackpot will climb well past the 1.4 billion currently projected so we can payoff all the consultants in addition to the inevitable cost overruns.

I would also hope that some money can be set aside for those who will lose their jobs when the new terminal opens. These would be the shuttle drivers, baggage handlers, skycaps and ticket agents whose jobs are set to be eliminated or automated according to the proposed designs. Also no longer needed will be all of the experienced building engineers who currently manage the various systems that keep the place running. That likely will be handled by some guy sitting at a computer monitor in India.

I’m not suggesting that we keep KCI “as-is” merely as a jobs program. I am simply pointing out that in addition to everything else that Aviation and other city leaders tend to leave out of the conversation, there are lives to consider beyond those whose names would be put on the plaque.


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