time-is-moneyI dropped someone off curbside at Delta this afternoon at 1:35 and asked him to text me when he was through security and seated at his gate. I received his text at 1:41. (Of course, I waited until I was safely back at the office to look at it.)

Six minutes. Convenient? Of course it is. More than convenient though, it’s money.

Note these fun business traveler facts from FrequentFlyerServices.com 

  • The average business traveler is 42 years old.
  • 60% of business travelers are men.
  • The average business traveler takes 5.4 trips each year.
  • The average business traveler earns an annual salary of $76,100.

Note the last one. With benefits, that works out to close to $50/hour. Presuming that most business travelers are revenue-generators for their companies (sales people, executives, outside service personnel, etc.) the real value of their time is about $150/hr.. This is because the revenue generating members of a company need to pull in 3x their salaries to cover the businesses overheads (rent, clerical salaries, etc.) and also a little profit once and awhile. It might be a bit more or less in some companies but 3x is a common factor.

So if a business traveler’s time is worth on average $150 an hour and KCI’s convenience saves business travelers at least an hour then KCI’s current configuration saves the average business traveller $150 every time he or she flies or $800 a year. Based on fare data from the Aviation Department, that’s like flying for nearly half price. Or a free rental car every time you fly. Or a membership at one of those private airport clubs with a lot of free drinks. It’s significant – and attractive to businesses.

KCI linesSo rather than build a new terminal that will take away this time savings AND increase airfares due to increased landing fees to pay for it, why not go around the country selling KC’s competitive advantage to businesses with dozens of frequent business travelers. Think about it, 6 minutes from curb to gate is as convenient as flying a private jet. There is not one market our size or larger that can boast this incredible benefit to businesses.

Who would want to give up a real benefit to business for an airport terminal just as slow as everyone else’s? And why are we not flying around selling it and bringing new businesses and jobs to KC instead of hanging out at the Overland Park Chamber of Commerce waiting for an easy local business poach that hurts everyone?



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