A caption under a photo in the Star today was thought-provoking in several ways.

First, I see they are still hammering away at the “It’s FORTY years-old!” narrative. Do they not yet understand that people already know that and since they also know that Arrowhead is 40+, City Hall is nearly 80 and Union Station will be 100 next year, they don’t care?

While the caption notes that KCI, “wasn’t built to meet modern security requirements,” most newer airports would kill to have security lines as short and fast as those shown in the picture.

Finally, it says that “City officials want to build a single-terminal airport.” As a member of the Mayor’s Airport Terminal Advisory Group, I’ve been told that city officials want to wait to see what the group advises. Moreover, we’ve been told to stop referring to the “build something new” option as a single-terminal since there are many options on the table to consider. So either the Star is wrong or the ATAG is a fraud.

There’s a lot packed into that pic.

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