Ok, I finally found an airport I like even better than KCI. The time from curb to gate was not quite as fast, but the walk from the security area to the gate was so enjoyable, I didn’t care.


Now there are those that would say that this design in Palm Springs would never work in Kansas City, but those naysayers are not forward-thinkers. Consider, if the global warming folks are right, our area will be more like a desert in a few years. A forward-thinking design like this would be seen as brilliant, just as our current design is still considered 40 years later.

Plus if we use an open-air design like this, we don’t have to worry about “40 year-old concrete” crashing on our heads. (I’m still trying to figure out how the 75 year-old concrete in City Hall or the 100 year-old concrete in Union Station is not a problem.)

Sonny Bono Palm Springs AirportOf course, we’ll need a different name than Sonny Bono for the concourse.


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