A recent survey of 10,000 air travelers by Skyscanner, an online travel service based in the UK, confirms that officials are way off base with the single-terminal KCI proposal – albeit for reasons other than those previously stated on this website.

When asked what they would like to see in a dream airport, these flyers chose:

1. Cinema – 49%
2. Sleep pod – 36%
3. Library – 32%
4. Park – 31%
5. Vanity area – 30%
6. Kids play area – 21%
7. Pool – 20%
8. Gym – 15%
9. Man-made beach – 12%
10. Bikes – 11%

Gee, maybe if we had been more sensitive to real flyer concerns, AMC would have relocated to KCI instead of Overland Park.

I guess this survey only confirms that the founding fathers were wise to sever ties with Great Britain. But seriously, on this Independence Day it is good to consider that thanks to those brave few and the brave many who have followed, we are allowed to engage in civil and public discussions about airports and other matters of governance without fear of the kings army showing up at the door.

Of course, I might still end up on the no-fly list.

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