Belated congratulations are due to the Aviation Department for “landing” Allegiant Air recently. During the ATAG’s behind the scenes tour of KCI in 2013, Director VanLoh made it a point to say that they could not get Allegiant Air to fly here because we could not accommodate their gate needs with our current terminal set-up. Thus, Allegiant was flying to Wichita, Springfield, Omaha and Des Moines instead. Interestingly, I see they are still flying to these markets. Maybe there is a “KCI gate” at those airports with fleet of Uber drivers waiting to shuttle people back to KC?

This forum still exists for those wishing to have an open and honest discussion regarding KCI. And yes, my personal belief is that the 2014 recommendation of the ATAG was a forgone and at times seemingly choreographed conclusion. Most already assumed that but I still have people ask me.

It’s time to move the conversation forward.

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