I happened to see a fairly typical letter to the editor in the KC Star regarding KCI. I’m reprinting a couple of excerpts here because it involves a random exchange with an out of town passenger, similar to comments I hear myself when travelling.

As usual, our airport experience was just fine: easy passage through security, gates right at hand, adequate seating and so on.

As we went to the upstairs restaurant, an out-of-towner stopped and asked us for info, and then volunteered how handy our airport is compared with many others he’d used.

I related to him the ongoing desires of some to turn the place into a low-level theme park. He thought this was really ridiculous.

For those of us who pick-up friends, family and business associates at KCI, this is nothing new. But the author continues:
What I see now at KCI is an apparent concerted effort by management to dial back some very basic things, such as cleaning walls, repainting, installing new carpet and other maintenance items. This amounts to demolition by neglect and is an unforgivable way to push for a remake.
There is more to read at the link above. Meanwhile, when do we get a chance to see how well the Aviation Department is taking care of Terminal A?

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